GPS Tracker with Windows 8

GPS Tracker is an electronic device which provides location based services. With inbuilt operating system, the GPS Tracker devices communicate with outside world using SIM Card with SMS and Internet based services. Lots of GPS Tracker devices use GSM as the preferred network and GPRS for using internet based services. In order to track anything using a GPS Tracker with Windows 8, you would need a Modem in which SIM Card can be inserted. Now a days 3G network is prominent across the world and hence 3G modems (they are also known as Data Cards) can be an inexpensive way of connecting your Windows 8 computer with Mobile Networks.

Once you do have your Windows 8 Computer connected to the Mobile Network using a Data Modem with SIM, you are ready to track any GPS Device. All Real time GPS Trackers send their location and other attributes by SMS and as your Windows 8 is already connected to Mobile Network with Data Card or Mobile Modem, all now you need is an appropriate software to receive SMS messages on your Windows 8 computer and let the software present you location of the GPS tracker on Google Map or on any other offline GPS Maps.

There are many software applications available which can be used to send and receive SMS messages from your Windows 8 computer. The Data Card Checking Software is such a software application which can be used to check whether your Data Modem allows software applications to send and receive SMS messages from your Windows 8 computer. There are alternative options available as well which allow you to send and receive SMS messages from your Windows 8 computer and they rely on using a web based service. Before selecting any online sms based service, you must make sure that you would be able to fully control your GPS tracker by SMS messages.

Using a SIM Modem with Windows 8 will give edge over using Online Services for Sending and Receiving SMS Messages. With SIM Card Modem , you would be able to decide whether you want to have prepaid or postpaid services and of course you can select the best mobile operator as per your requirements. Before buying a GPS Tracker, try to find out it’s manual and see all the features supported by the device. GPS Trackers can also be configured to use internet and you must understand that there will be charge associated with it. In case you have a Windows 8 computer connected to internet, you can find out the GPS Tracker location with the GPS Co-Ordinates sent by the GPS Tracker using Google Maps.