Download Windows 8 for Free

Yes you can download Windows 8 totally for free from Microsoft Website right now. Technically speaking it will not be completely free as you have to pay for your broadband usage, electricity, etc. The Free Download is offered by Microsoft for free so that people can try out the new Microsoft Windows Operating System and decide whether they do want to upgrade to Windows 8 and lots of other reasons. The Free Download is labelled is provided by Microsoft in the name of Enterprise Evaluation.

As per Microsoft Website this free trial enterprise evaluation is for developers but you do not have to prove to Microsoft that you are a developer and anybody can download Windows 8. Free Evaluation by Microsoft is available in .iso file format containing 32 bit and 64 bit download versions. Generic Rule is that if you computer has more than 4 GB of RAM , you must go with 64 bit download and for users with less than 4GB or RAM, the 32 bit version of Windows 8 should suffice.

You can run Windows 8 on actual Computer or you can even run Windows 8 on a Virtual Computer using Software such as Oracle’s Virtual Box, etc. Windows 8 needs at least 1 GB of RAM for 32 bit Windows 8 and minimum of 2 GB RAM for running 64 bit version of Windows 8. Another important thing about this free download of Windows 8 from Microsoft is that it must be activated online within 10 days of installation. The Windows 8 Activation requires internet connection and does not takes too long and once activated, it displays how many days are remaining for the trial at the bottom right corner of the Desktop.

In case you use Dual or Multiple Monitor with your Windows Computer, the Multi Monitor Taskbar can be one of the strong reasons to upgrade to Windows 8. In case you spend lots of time on internet, play games, etc, then new Windows 8 Applications can be one of the reasons to upgrade to Windows 8. There are lots of other improvements in Windows 8 like new inbuilt drivers for USB  devices and much more. In case you are not sure whether to spend money on Windows 8 or not, the free download of Windows 8 from Microsoft is for you. Download Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation and know Windows 8 better and make your decision whether to upgrade to Windows 8 or not. The Free Windows 8 Trial will work fine for around 3 Months giving you enough time to make your decision to upgrade to Windows 8 or to keep your current version of Operating System